Saturday, October 24, 2009

LIke we couldn't and didn't see this coming: Military analyst service a psychological operation aimed at the American public

According to Raw Story, surprise surprise surprise, the generals and other high up military brass who offered and offer their services as commentators to cable news really spread Pentagon propaganda. When this phenomenon, which put forward people who are involved with the U.S. war machine on deep levels as objective sources about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, when it first started there was plenty of outcry on the blatant conflicts of interest in it. I even think Tom Tomorrow wrote a couple of cartoons on it. Now, ok, so maybe I'm crazy, but the story appears to have been almost written but for the hard proof that some formally organized activity was going on, which Raw Story has almost miraculously been able to provide. I say miraculously because stories like these generate lots of pretty damn certain to be true conclusions but they almost always leave little or no official paper trail.

So, kudos to Raw Story for dredging that up. But let's be honest here: it's not like the idea was super out of the blue to anyone who had really been paying basic attention to things.

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