Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Man, what a dishonest argument: Tammy Bruce explaining away posting a raccoon under the title "Nobel Committee Announces Another Peace Prize Winner"

The cop out is that the raccoon in question is her pet. And he's looking through a cracker jack box where they put prizes. Her original post is Here, her explanation is here ("When a raccoon is just a raccoon"), and the orignal "Sadly, No!" post is here . Man, I must be missing something here because I always thought that the word 'coon' was known to just about everyone as a derogatory word for black people, especially to people of Bruce's generation. Who would have thought that posting a picture of a 'coon and calling him/her the next Nobel Prize winner would be construed as racism? Silly me. I mean, if I had a pet monkey and I posted a picture of it under the title "Breaking: Nobel Committee Announces Another Peace Prize Winner", after Obama won the prize, it would be flat out wingnuttery to suggest that I was implying anything other than they were giving it to people who unqualified. I mean, sometimes and ape is just an ape, you know? And if I had my monkey eating a piece of watermelon it would just be an example of him eating his favorite food, no racial implications meant. Tammy says she's going to play the Rolling Stones song "Paint it Black" tomorrow to drive the Obama fans nuts, because her 'coon picture of course is just as inconsequential to race as white people using the word black in a song.

Then again, with her website displaying an animated gif standing for Muhammad showing pigs flying into its mouth and waving an Israeli flag, we already knew that Tammy Bruce was a pillar of tolerance.

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