Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Maybe they're finally admitting that Afghanistan is a lost cause.

Talking about Rahm Emanuel's recent comments. Here:

"Emanuel again rebuffed those criticisms on Sunday, and he blamed the need for such intensive strategy discussions on the Bush administration. The chief of staff also noted the Obama administration was "literally working from scratch," and that any attempt to rush a troop decision without a "thorough analysis" would be "reckless."

"The strategic review of whether to send more troops is only one piece of the puzzle," Emanuel told CBS. "An important piece, but the puzzle is much more complicated than that.""

In other words, Bush had no idea what he was doing, had no grip on the situation, etc...

My hope is that this realization will lead to one that comes clean about the whole thing being an adventuristic war done for nothing except revenge and maybe a natural gas pipeline or two. Which means we've done a horrible thing, a stand that some of us have taken from the beginning.

See also Ted Rall's Column about this.

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