Sunday, October 04, 2009

What appears to be Naziistic fetishism in Industrial culture

I'm a proud fan of and participant in industrial culture here in Seattle. Lots of people mistake the dressing in black with militaristic sorts of clothing as being pro-fascist. Instead, there's another explanation for it that works very well: Industrial music is about having a face to face head on encounter with reality. It's not about escapism, it's about immersion in what's around you. As these things go, war is one of the most pure encounters with reality that you can have, and war has typified the 20th century with the sort of collective blood lust that raged on and on.
Nazism, or possibly Fascism as well, is one of the most pivotal episodes in 20th century history, the sort of embodiment of cruelty and brutality of the period, its sort of culmination. So I think that the folks who dress in black militaristically aren't either consciously or subconsciously connected with fascism, but are instead in their own way reflecting the severity of the universe. If you want the ground zero of the horrifying nature of the world we live in, the swastika is where you should look.

The Unbearables, authors of the book "Crimes of the Beats", one of the group at least, talked about beatniks wearing all black by saying that Priests wear black, Orthodox Jews wear black, black is the color of utter conformity. Possibly, yes, but so much more a reason to wear it. Reflect society back onto itself by dressing in a way that hypes up how human society really is underneath it all.

Laibach applied all of this to great benefit, mirroring the essence of Slovene society back to itself through ambiguous fashion choices.

But truly, if you listen to violent fucked up music, when you look out at the world and see fashion trends and stuff marketed as fads, you don't want to participate in it, and would rather wear fashion that severely negates all of that then to 'fit in' to whatever is going on.

Industrial militaristic fashion, or military chic, doesn't condone fascism, but in that it may make people nervous that something like that is coming back it may be a good thing. Folks in military chic industrial clothing are like archetypes from way down deep in the repressed unconscious come to life.

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