Saturday, October 03, 2009

Ok, here's a guideline that tells you when you're onto something

In relation to how I personally got onto the Left, there's this idea that I think Chomsky talked about in one of his many, many books and talks that goes that a question that leads to lots more questions is probably a direction to explore. With the Left, I was dealing with all of these constellation of conspiracy theories, all of which had some element of truth but that didn't add up to much when taken together. I think this is a common frustration. You have all of these isolated things going on but there's no convincing context in which all of them could operate. When I started gravitating to ones that were more Leftist suddenly the stuff that I was reading started to offer some insight into how society in general functioned. Not how it was that a particular group of people associated with a particular organization did fucked up things but how all of it might fit into a bigger picture that's not dependent on lizard people or that didn't evoke the Pentarchy...meaning the grand conspiracy of the Queen of England, the Pope, and Colonel Sanders along with a few others (which is from the movie "I married an axe murderer, the thing that the father believes in). Instead, it lead on to stuff that was more and more verifiable, stuff that was less conspiratorial and more sociological. Then, once it came to that point, the world opened up and lots and lots of questions started to present themselves, so much so that not only am I still dealing with it all but quite a few academics have spent their entire careers looking at these things and haven't exhausted them.

Moving from random politics in alternative culture a la the '90s to affirmative Leftism is one of the things I'm proud of, even though I don't condemn alternative culture whatsoever.

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