Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What I have hanging above my desk:

It's a picture of a sculpture by Jean Dubuffet from his later "l'hourloupe" phase. I'm a great, great, fan of Dubuffet's. Read his writings as well as appreciated his paintings and sculptures. Dubuffet was great at capturing a sort of primitive savage essence behind his subjects, often taking cues from naive art made by mental patients as well as using lots and lots of non-traditional impasto techniques that destroyed the conventional notions of what painting should be made out of.

"l'hourloupe" was Dubuffet's vision of an alternate universe, a sort of alien, weird thing that fought its way into normal reality. I doubt that the major corporations that have Dubuffet sculptures outside of their headquarters really know or appreciate this.

Think of all of this, having a poster of one of his works up, as a sort of more grown up version of having a Francis Bacon poster, you know, the ones with hunks of beef hanging on hooks and people screaming on black backgrounds.

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