Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dipping into a book about Dagny Juel

Am dipping into a lot of books these days, but this one is interesting, about the wife of Stanislaw Przybyszewski. She was a Norwegian who was part of the circle of her husband, Edvard Munch, and August Strindberg, all interesting figures. I ironically know the least about Munch although his work "The Scream" is everywhere. Strindberg and Przybyszewski are two of my heroes.
Dagny is being argued for as an person of independent significance in the work I'm reading, not as they say as an appendage to Munch, Strindberg, or to her husband. Very interesting stuff indeed.

A side note: Edvard Munch turns out to be one of the Symbolists. This is news to me, because I thought that he was one of the Expressionists, but he preceded them by decades. Time to make a trip to the library to look up some Munch plates beyond "The Scream" to see what he was really about.

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