Monday, November 23, 2009

Good old Central Florida where Beck spoke...

Beck spoke at "The Villages", which is north of Orlando and south of Ocala. I used to live in the general area, far enough north of The Villages to make it something I didn't encounter every day but still in the general vicinity of many retirement communities. What I can say about the area is that first off it's mostly rural and proudly Southern, and Republican, and second that its conservatism is boosted by the presence of the mass of retirees that are there. These people live out their patriotic fantasies unbounded by any sense of reason or proportion. They're old, they have their views, they have lots of time and money, and they want their agendas realized now. Back in this area patriotic holidays are something like a religion, with American Legion and VFW halls being filled to the brim with people wanting to turn what should be non-partisan days into the most conservative days of them all.

I lived in this area when 9/11 happened, and if you ever wanted to see fundamentalist crazies getting together with near fascist retirees rabid in their patriotism this was the place to be in. The American flag became a symbol of oppression so thick in the air that you could cut the atmosphere the praise made with a knife. They went completely fucking crazy down there, that's the only way to describe it, and it lead me to leaving the area and moving north to Gainesville, which is a college town home to the University of Florida and quite a bit more liberal than this area.

The whole place could be renamed "Nightmare land" and it wouldn't be too off target.

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