Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving....LLIK Your Idols

Hope everyone is having a secular and non-threatening holiday experience, even though things have in fact been distorted regarding the first Thanksgiving. Anyways, finished up watching the interesting documentary "LLIK Your Idols", "Kill Your Idols", the Sonic Youth song, backwards, about the Cinema of Transgression movement in New York City in the 1980s-early '90s. The film is a very good examination of all of it, focusing on Richard Kern but also on Nick Zedd and many lesser known film makers of that time. I tend to like Nick Zedd better than Richard Kern, but I have to admit that his films are hit and miss, with some of them being really creative and insightful and some of them being kind of the opposite. Although "Totem of the Depraved", Zedd's autobiographical book, was a nice one he doesn't come off well in the interviews conducted with him, sounding like he was well high on heroin at the time that they were doing it. Anyways.

One thing that the film confirms for me is that Lydia Lunch, extensively interviewed because of her involvement in Kern's films, in her spoken word and writing, doesn't have anything to say that couldn't be fitted onto the back of a postage stamp. The continuing attraction to her mystifies me. Her music may be different, but everything I've heard by her is so cliched and obvious that it's not worth my time to investigate. Maybe teenage girls are impressed by her but that doesn't fit my demographic. Anyways.

Ironically, it's a much better film than the No Wave music documentary "Kill Your Idols", which left me not much enlightened beyond knowing more about DNA through some interviews. Having actual content and meat in it helps.

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