Monday, November 02, 2009

I wonder what it would take to put on a Bataille-ian spectacle

I'm reading through a book about Vienna Aktionist Hermann Nitsch's "Orgies Mystery Theater" productions, which involve getting slaughtered carcasses of hogs, hanging them from the ceiling, then having Nitsch and the audience members cut it open, drain it of blood, throw the blood on each other, take out the organs, and throw them around as well, with the possibility of drenching yourself in blood and going over to a large white sheet and making a blood impression a possibility. The book says, though, that Nitsch has always kept it open ended, without trying to impose any final meaning on it. On the other hand, George Bataille in his book "The Theory of Religion", maintains that sacrifice has a fundamental social function, a function of communion with the archetypal, mythic realm beyond normal experience. That might be another author, but you get the point. Bataille recognized the power of all of this even though some of his own formulations about erotic and violence centered liberation may have not at first taken this into account. But I wonder if a sort of Orgies Mystery Theater performance integrated with a kind of play theme, with an explicitly ritualistic setting representing some sort of sacred drama reenacting myth and using mythological archetypes as well as audience participation, maybe a Greek chorus a la Nietzsche there too, and some nudity on the part of the audience participants and sex integrated into the performance in order to primarily make the connection between sex and death, with erotic activity between the audience participants encouraged along with the blood throwing and disembowling, I wonder if such a thing could be a possibility and how it could be brought into being.

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