Thursday, November 26, 2009

In the process of restoring all the old links to the essential articles to the blog

Writing the recent post on Fascism, the one right below this one, the question struck me "Why don't people read the links I put up talking about its relationship to American society?", and then the answer hit me: because the links are no longer there. In late 2006 Blogger took everyone over to a new system, and in the process of this move all of my links were deleted as well as all of the changes that I had made to my template to customize the site in the way I wanted it. Instead of putting the links back up, I just put an offsite link to the PDF I'd made of a lot of them called "Spirit of the Times", which isn't the same as having them right there on the sidebar. So, now I'm in the process of putting them back in. I'm about half way done at the moment and am just getting to the core posts about totalitarianism and fascism. Watch the sidebar in the days (or possibly in the week) to come and you'll see them pop back up, along with a lot of articles that are traditionally more Left focused than normal.

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