Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An interesting thing, ideology wise, would be...

A synthesis of Dostoevsky's positivity with Nietzsche's nihilistic perspective. Despite being concerned with profoundly messed up situations, Dostoevsky had an overwhelming hopefulness about the human condition and the possibility of love overcoming the fuckedupness of life. He located this love not in interpersonal love but in divine, religious, Christian love and saw the coming of this sort of redemption as being kind of the resurrection or at least the coming at the end times. I'm not either a Christian or an Orthodox Christian, but there's something about this sense of transcendent love in Dostoevsky's thought and the possibility of reconciling man with man through it that's very interesting. Maybe if this sense of the possibilities of love was combined with Nietzsche's general critique of things there'd be some sort of positive doctrine that could be built on and worked with and applied to things in outside, social, life.

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