Monday, November 16, 2009

More irony...isn't it all Irony?....Frank Rich's "The Missing Link From Killeen to Kabul"

Although he doesn't actually say what the Missing Link Is (perhaps it should have been titled differently) he does give some good insight into how our actual policy in Afghanistan is differing from hawks' fantasies of what it is. But the thing that really caught my attention is the replaying of one of the most telling statistics about Al Qaeda and Afghanistan: "What we do know is that American intelligence continues to say that fewer than 100 Qaeda operatives can still be found in Afghanistan."

When we talk about some sort of Muslim conspiracy, the thing is that at the beginning of the war there was one but it wasn't something that the U.S. wanted to follow up on. That is, Saudi Arabia, our great oil ally, was funding Al Qaeda. Maybe not the Saudi Arabian state itself but the prominent members of it. Bin Laden was part of the Saudi royalty. Money flowed from Saudi Arabia to Al Qaeda, and then to Al Qaeda headquarters in Afghanistan, where it was then distributed to terrorist groups operating under the Al Qaeda umbrella. But now that that's been broken up, the conspiracy as it was doesn't exist anymore. Even though Saudi Arabia is still in place and likely still supporting terrorist groups with oil money gotten from selling it to the U.S. Maybe if we were actually concerned with fighting terrorism as opposed to kicking ass and getting our patriotic jollies off we would have reacted differently in the face of 9/11, in a way that targeted through cutting off support the people who really are responsible for this terrorism.

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