Saturday, November 07, 2009

Olympia and my experience in Olympia

In sum total I found that most of the people my age and younger in Olympia weren't doing much of interest to me. Until the people who later would form PMR really started to get here and coalesce it was slim pickings indeed, such that I found it hard to really get any traction in Olympia at all. The environment, if it wasn't so isolated, would have been great: progressive culture, a very progressive college with extremely good professors, but the meat of it beyond the sheer environment just wasn't there for me. Too often I tried to connect but only found emptiness, people who were from some other planet than the one I was on when it came to our perspectives on the world--even, and maybe most especially when we were supposed to be similar in our politics. When I lived in the Southeast, in north Florida, I was hooked into virtually everything going on with progressive culture nationwide, a situation brought on by living in one of the great progressive centers there. I came out here to Olympia and found a vacuum where the people who were supposed to be the hippest and most with it were in point of fact completely ignorant of everything that had been going on outside of their little region for years. When I used concepts or made references to things that were familiar for almost anyone in the greater progressive and radical culture of the United States I would get blank looks back, with people more content to pursue their own low level trash and call it perfection than they were to look at what folks outside of their realm had been doing lately.

I don't want to talk about this more but am glad to get it off of my chest. Olympia has gotten better, but for a while there it sucked royally, like I was chasing ghosts that had long since moved on.

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