Friday, November 06, 2009

"Patriots Unbound" by Abbey Zimet of

Hard to say "This is a great article, two thumbs up!" when the topic is damn depressing, but it's a good article, with a link to a longer article by David Corn that's also good.. All about the recent demonstration in Washington D.C. of the Tea Party folks, ostensibly because of health care reform but in fact, well, we all know that health care is just a pretext for all of this....


"The crazinesss is one thing; the ugliness, another. Obama as Sambo, Pelosi as damned, the Rothschilds, still, as the great conspirators, the government as "evil" because it wants to help those who need help, "National Socialist Health Care" as "Dachau Germany 1945," complete with photos of mountains of death camp corpses – what does one do with such poison dreams?"

Talk about cognitive dissonance. It reminds me of descriptions of what happened when disillusions vets in Germany returned home from World War I and started turning to the increasingly rancorous politics that gave birth to Nazism. I said in 2004 that it looked to me like Bush himself and his supporters weren't a fascist movement but that the action that could lead to one would likely take place after the Republicans lost. It unfortunately seems that some of that could be coming through. But, hey, if this movement comes to that I'm resting assured that we can be prepared to do what's necessary to stop them.

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