Friday, November 06, 2009

Seattle happened nearly ten years ago...but until about four years ago the hotspots wern't doing anything particularly insightful

It changed when Olympia's PMR, Port Militarization Resistance, got on the scene, but when I showed up here New Years Day 2004 the folks around my age who were protesting were some of the scummiest shit bags that I'd seen be involved with protests. These folks, it seems, were people who had come to Olympia and possibly Seattle in the wake of the WTO protests, usually though something like three or more years after them, whose idea of what protesting was was breaking shit for no reason and having absolutely no concept of what they were doing. This is as opposed to breaking shit for actual reasons and knowing what you're doing. Thank god another generation came up who actually took an interest in demonstrating that went beyond dressing in black and eating vegan cooking, that's all I can say.

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