Sunday, November 22, 2009

The SOA protest: it was ten years ago this weekend...

That I went to it, during the last semester of four year college before January '04. Was an inspiring time, carpooled down with lots of nice people in an industrial sized van from the school in Indiana, and crossed the line. Crossing the line was the civil disobedience that used to be possible by walking onto the SOA property and going until they stopped everyone, either processing them and letting them go or just letting them go. Wasn't like there was a small group--there were several hundred people who crossed the line that year. Ten years ago was probably the last year that the authorities decided to ignore the protesters and instead just put them onto buses and release them outside of the base. The next weekend the WTO happened, and after both that and the protests at the IMF, the World Bank, then the two conventions leading up to the 2000 election the authorities were no longer saying 'Fuck you, we don't care about you'. Then of course 9/11 happened less than a year after the 2000 SOA protest, and things changed more considerably from what I understand.

Yes, those were interesting times, and I was 19 and taking a radical political economy class that focused on globalization at the Quaker peace school I was going to at the time.

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