Thursday, November 05, 2009

Something I'd to see: a parallel between France after the Revolution was over and the outcome of a Communist or Libertarian Communist revolution

People are aware to one degree or another about the French Revolution, how it started out, was radicalized, then replaced by the Directorate that lead to Napoleon...and we could go further from there. What many people aren't aware of is what happened in France after the Revolution had been successfully overthrown and a Bourbon Monarchy restored. The overthrow of the Revolution spurred nearly a century of back and forth of more revolutions, counter-revolutions, you name it, that had their object in determining once and for all where France would go with relation to being either a Republic or a Monarchy, and if one of the two, which type would it be. France eventually settled on a Republic but one not as radical as that of the Jacobins. The point is this: I would much rather see a Revolution happen and then see it fall, leading to a century of back and forth about whether or not it was a good idea than see a Revolution happen that eventually has to resort to ruthless force to keep its own people from rising up against it.

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