Sunday, November 01, 2009

Speaking of John Stewart and the outcry about him having activists on his show who gave a more pro-Palestinian viewpoint..,

You know I'd like to do documentary work in the Occupied Territories too, but my feeling is that even if I got footage of an Israeli soldier shooting a Palestinian child it would be discounted because I'm not Jewish. To me, murder is murder, but in the world we live in murder and torture aren't considered to be just that unless the person documenting it in Israel is Jewish, and even then they're accused of being 'self hating' or some such thing.

Israel, and Jewish responses to Israel, are the great stain on Jewish-American history in the United States. People of Jewish descent have been on the front lines of things like the civil rights movement and on that of progressive reform here in general, but uncharacteristically Israel brings people out of the closet who are absolute fanatics who don't listen to reason and who don't care about anyone else's viewpoint but their own.

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