Sunday, November 29, 2009

Well, Seattle plus 10 was good

I only went to part of Saturday's presentation but what I sat in on was good. Got to see David Korten speak, which was interesting. I think I've already been through the "Gee, has it really been ten years?" thing about a hundred times here, but it still kind of gets me. Although I wasn't there, the WTO protests became one of the pivotal events in my life, and have had such an impact on me personally that I probably wouldn't be living in the Northwest, wouldn't really be writing as much on politics, possibly would be doing slightly different stuff if they hadn't happened. I had been following radical politics since I was 17, in '97, and had already lived in NYC, listened to WBAI, read Marx, and then gone to a Quaker peace college with a large radical contingent by the time the protests happened, so they didn't take me by surprise, but the success of them was so inspiring that it propelled me forward in a way similar to adding nitroglycerin to an engine. I dropped out of college roughly two weeks after the protests, and while that decision had basically been preordained before Thanksgiving weekend, the protest certainly gave me confidence to strike out on my own without the support of an institution in order to figure out the world.

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