Thursday, November 05, 2009

Well well well this is what is called the majority rules--Ref 71. passed in Washington State

Referendum 71 was the item on the ballot asking people to either affirm or deny the bill passed earlier this year here in Washington giving domestic partners basically all the rights of married couples without the word marriage being used. The people filing the challenge to it, lead by groups with names like the "Faith & Freedom Coalition", felt that the people of Washington State had not really been heard, that elitist representatives in Olympia (the State Capitol) had buckled under to special interest politics and that if the people of Washington were really allowed to have their say they would of course reject the measure. Now that it's November 5th 100% of the ballots have been counted and, surprise!, the measure passed 52.34% to 47.66%. The map of the counties where it passed along with how much it passed by is Here, the official Secretary of State site for 71 results. Now the argument will be that because all of the counties where it passed have substantial numbers of urban or former urban dwellers in them that somehow the referendum was not representative of the "real Washington", but that's neither here nor there since it's one person, one vote and not a situation where "real Washingtonians" voices count more than the scores of people who oppose them who roughly live in the Seattle metropolitan area.

Incidentally, "Faith & Freedom Coalition"? It sounds like a group that would be praising Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Führer, but maybe that's just me.

*update. Turns out that despite heavily implying that the vote is counted 100% the link above is only to provisional results of the votes that have been counted so far. You'll have to keep checking it to get the up-to-date info.

Update II Here's a link to the number ofvotes to be processed, h/t to Viv.

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