Thursday, December 31, 2009

I dislike the concentration of power in the Federal government but not the functions that it performs

Which is something that I think a lot of people who are either anti-Statist or libertarian don't consider. I would love to see authority devolve to the States, however I think that in that scenario the local setup would fulfill the functions that the federal government does today, along with more. Regulations are great, so are programs, they help keep people from being hurt and keep society in some sort of working order. It's just that when you have a small, centralized, administration of these things overseen by an equally tiny Congress bad things can happen. For one thing the stakes are so high that corporations pour millions of dollars into subverting the process.

The solution isn't to do away with the sorts of things that regulations accomplish by eliminating them but instead to make sure that all of it isn't administered by a centralized top down bureaucracy.

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