Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So if this is decadence then what is it based off of?

Self analysis is a tricky thing when it comes to writing. First off, there's the question of whether it's warranted at all or if no one really gives a fuck. Second, the person who does the writing is often the worst person of all to judge where they are in the greater continuum of things. With that in mind lets do some self analysis.

I look at what I'm doing here as being a transitional thing between Generation X/Y and the next folks to come down the pike. I have the constant sense that I'm part of the end of the road in taking something as far as it can be taken without society as a whole radically changing. Unless society becomes substantially more cynical and open to black humor it's likely that while I won't dead end personally there will be less and less writers in my vein as time goes on. So I see myself as pursuing a decadent phase of a greater cultural trend, one that might be seeing its last days. But every decadent movement has to be based on a movement that was at one time progressive. That, in my case, seems ultimately to have been the '60s.

The '60s spawned Generation X, which defined things down the pike for their (sometimes much) younger siblings. Despite having a different ethos, Gen. X wasn't really reactionary against counter cultural values in a pure sense. They weren't Reagan. Instead, you could say they followed a trend that started in the early '70s that saw a cultural mutation take place that changed love to occultism and witchcraft, and music going into heavy metal and punk. Gen. Y seems to be taking what Gen. X started (in its more conventional cultural manifestations) to its logical conclusion. That conclusion is irony and blackness, cynicism and negativity, taken to a terminal extreme, albeit mixed with some very positive things politically speaking.

The six six six sixties spawned the nihilistic nineties, and the '00s will surely go down in history as a time of lovely running through fields with puppies and rainbows.

But something has to come next. I have no fucking clue what it's going to be but hopefully it'll be something that will resemble my writings on politics and philosophy, because what I've been trying to do in these areas is to go straight beyond nihilism and negation and into some more positive (in the sense of substantial) content.

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