Friday, December 04, 2009

There's a thing in my memory hanging on for dear life

At least that's my recollection of the song "Tom Violence" by Sonic Youth. Fucking strange times that we live in. On the one hand we have a situation, having an African American president who's actually progressive on economic issues, that's utterly unprecedented and new. On the other, the past appears to be repeating itself with this same president endorsing Bush era rhetoric. Despite the compromises in the economics Obama remains a decisive move away from Clinton-esque centrism in this regard, while the Afghanistan policy points to a cynical wish to continue aspects of Bush's regime that Obama finds politically expedient. The latter is what I feared would happen if Kerry was elected--a kind of addiction to the expansion of power given by the former regime leading to a lack of resolve to reverse its policies. It got the endorsement of Karl Rove, didn't it? Many people have said that this is not what we elected Obama for, and this is correct, yet in a sense Obama's administration was too good to be true. But at least a kind of full revealing has occurred, so that now we can work towards pushing the administration into positions that are less schizophrenic.

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