Monday, December 07, 2009

The thing about New York City

That they don't tell you, is that while it's very difficult for people from the outside to make their way there it's a somewhat different story for people who have lived their whole lives either there or in the New York metropolitan area. These folks have the hometown advantage; they have a better grasp of the situation and of how you can actually make it all work out for you. I found this out when I was a student there: you had, on the one hand, kids who were from thousands of miles away who were basically alone apart from their friends while on the other hand there were kids who came in on the train from Long Island, who went home on the weekends, or who spent their free time with their friends in the outer boroughs. The same situation exists in every city, but in a city known for being hard on people it was surprising to find folks who had lots of advantages from the start. As for me, I was just a student there, eighteen, and would probably have had a less than glorious time of it if I had had to make it there on my own.

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