Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What else is going on in the world...

I have no idea what's happening out there that's significant. All I'm trying to do is to do my own thing at the moment. We're in a sort of post-Copenhagen news lull it seems. So what is my own thing? Hard to say, but increasingly political. There's been a little detour going on in this side of the screen lately. My personal researches have taken me far, far away from politics of any conventional sort, even beyond philosophy, into areas that I can only call Weird Shit, with capitalizations on both words. But this sort of Weird Shit isn't the sort of strangeness I talk about on the website so I can't share the ineffable wisdom that I have accumulated on this subject with folks. However, we, and by we I mean me, are getting back to more familiar territory slowly but surely and hopefully will have more acceptable things to talk about soon. Maybe they'll have to do with 19th century romantic philosophy.

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