Thursday, December 10, 2009

What the 'missing white woman syndrome' points to

The 'missing white woman syndrome' being the media's fixation with stories having to do with cute white women who disappear. The phenomenon of coverage like this could be broadened to include other elevations of trivial situations into national prominence, though. For instance, the U.S. news section on the Seattle PI's website currently lists a story about missing hunters in northern Arizona being found. Whew. I was really holding my breath over that one. Like there aren't substantive issues going on across the United States that are more important than stuff like that. Well, of course there are, but the problem is that it takes some creativity and investment to find them. Or, potentially, looking into what papers in other cities or what other television stations are reporting on locally and repeating some of it. But obviously that's a little bit too much effort. I mean, come on, hold on, we wouldn't want our news people to do anything crazy now, would we?

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