Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Why is Obama Ditching the Public Option--And You?" by Jane Hamsher

Basically I agree with this article, and it's good to have someone tell it like it is.

"The Obama White House managed to successfully triangulate against the public option by saying it was too "liberal," and presenting their corporate-friendly plan that gives Aetna and PhRMA everything they want as "centrist" by comparison. Because that's the left/right puke funnel that the media must feed everything through. So even though taking out the public option goes against public opinion, because "liberals" will be upset, it must be a good "sensible" thing to do.

Having Joe Lieberman act as front man was the perfect delivery mechanism for achieving that goal.

Obama is triangulating against you today. They want all those diaries of outrage by "liberals," so that right wingers will look on and think "good for him - like Joe Lieberman, he really knows how to stick it to liberals." It's the move of a deeply cynical politician who believes in nothing but shameless manipulation for political convenience. Meanwhile, the media will completely overlook the fact that this bill is nothing but a corporate giveaway written by sleazy greedy whores willing to hold the nation's sick hostage in order to pull off the biggest Shock Doctrine scam in world history."

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