Sunday, January 31, 2010

And of course the solution is small business

The one part, actually not the one part but possibly the most glaring part, of the State of the Union speech that was outright offensive was the suggestion that government should create new jobs by providing new incentives for folks to start small businesses. Reading the text of the speech I saw the lead up to a section where the direct job creation on the part of the government would be outlined and held my breath. What I was holding my breath for looks silly, thinking about it: a direct funding of large scale industrial manufacturing companies in order to really put people back to work and help the economy recover. But no, small business it was. Considering that small businesses go into and out of business at a high rate it's hard to see how exactly enduring jobs with enduring economic impact are going to be created by sponsoring small businesses. Plus, lack of small business isn't what's weakened the economy. What's weakened the economy is manufacturing jobs, which tend not to be associated with small businesses, going overseas. Small business in the sense that Obama used it in his speech is just a construct used by conservatives to make themselves feel better whenever they're confronted with a crisis. The economy is bad? Small Business! Jobs have fled overseas? Small Business! My dog needs a hair cut? Small Business! So this usage follows in an august line.

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