Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Avatar, wonderful movie

*this post was mysteriously misfiled*
So what else is new, right? I just got out of seeing it less than half an hour ago, so it's still fresh and processing through my non-conscious brain. Pro-ecology, anti-war, with comments on colonialism and the history of the United States. Not rendered in a particularly heavy handed way except for, you know, basic things like the fact that they're destroying their home in order to mine a valuable mineral. At some point it comes down to does a person want to put together a story or don't they, in the sense that if they have to watch out for doing something wrong that'll provoke the Right to piss and moan they likely won't be able to do anything other than right wing propaganda. It's amazing that the Right still talks about political correctness, which was in fact a real force in the eighties and nineties, yet fails to see that they're demanding more correctness themselves than liberals ever did. But back to Avatar. James Cameron did a good job of not making the CGI film a literal cartoon; every time that there was a chance for it to just rely on stereotypes he'd pull back and give examples relating to the situation that were much more realistic than usually happens in films of this sort. The only thing that was clunky about it, really, was the obvious use of cues that established set ups for events that happen later in the film. I don't want to give it away, but these things are like when you see a character doing an activity in passing so that the writers can use that fact later on in the story in a way that relates to the plot. This is usually easier to pick up when they're being pulled out rather than when they're happening. But anyways. That's a minor issue. On the whole it was a really great movie. Maybe I'll have something more concrete to say about it's content once it's had time to percolate in my mind for a while.

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