Sunday, January 31, 2010

Matt Taibbi on David Brooks on Haiti: "Translating David Brooks"

Funny and interesting. The piece is a series of responses to large blocks of text of Brooks' article, so beyond the first paragraph you'll have to click on the link and read it since that format doesn't translate well into blog form:

"A friend of mine sent a link to Sunday’s David Brooks column on Haiti, a genuinely beautiful piece of occasional literature. Not many writers would have the courage to use a tragic event like a 50,000-fatality earthquake to volubly address the problem of nonwhite laziness and why it sometimes makes natural disasters seem timely, but then again, David Brooks isn’t just any writer.
Rather than go through the Brooks piece line by line, I figured I’d just excerpt a few bits here and there and provide the Cliff’s Notes translation at the end. It’s really sort of a masterpiece of cultural signaling — if you live anywhere between 59th st and about 105th, you can hear the between-the-lines messages with dog-whistle clarity. Some examples: "

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