Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Way to win over people--in response to a protest of a thousand people the Afghan intelligence agency opened fire and killed eight.

Here. Look at how the article frames it: "KABUL, Afghanistan— At least eight Afghan civilians were killed and a dozen wounded Tuesday during a street protest in a volatile town along the Helmand River, after a raid on an Afghan home Sunday by American and Afghan forces. The raid was seized on by Taliban provocateurs who organized the protesters and pushed them toward violence, local officials said."

So right there at the start they're trying to discredit the protest by saying that Taliban "Provocateurs" were responsible for people's outrage, on top of not telling the readers that it was the Afghan government who was responsible for the protesters' deaths. In fact, although the article goes on and on about supposed Taliban stirring-people-up-ness (as if that gives folks a right to attack protesters) it doesn't actually say how the protesters were killed until paragraph eight. The rest of the story is basically a nod of approval to the U.S. and Afghan government version of events with no attempt at balance.

Brought to you by the U.S. military, who never lie or kill civilians, or desecrate Korans.

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