Saturday, February 06, 2010

Nice. From a report on the Tea Party people by the Washington Post

In the article a guy is interviewed at their convention who says that many amendments would have to be scrapped to take the Constitution back to the intent of the Founders. Not included in the ones he'd save are the first amendment and the fourth amendment, guaranteeing the right to free speech, assembly, and religious belief as well as against unreasonable search and seizure. Also not mentioned was the fifth amendment, against self incrimination. But don't worry, the second amendment is fine.

Interestingly enough, the article doesn't spend almost any time talking about the tea party people's actual beliefs. The majority of it is so generic that it could be about either side of the political arena, with the only factor really mentioned being a generic lack of trust in government. Issues that the tea party people believe in are brought up and then dismissed, with weak counter examples. The playing one side off the other makes a person wonder just what they actually believe in. But I'm guessing that that's actually a lot easier to find out than would be apparent from this article. If the authors had just reported some of what people said regarding the core issues that were discussed, much of the ambiguity of the article would be cleared up. But then the nature of the tea partiers would come into clearer focus and it would not seem so benevolent.

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