Tuesday, March 16, 2010

As pointed out by Robert Kuttner, getting a health care bill passed may be the best thing to happen politically

Not because the health care bill is intrinsically super far out groovy but because so much air right now is being taken up by the debate on health care that all other issues are taking a back seat. We have a financial meltdown, people out of work in record numbers many of whom are also losing their houses, wars on, yet compared to health care not much of that shows up on the radar screen. It's there, but the attention isn't there at all. If health care is passed all that could change, plus we'd have an objective stick to measure right wing rhetoric by. Death panels? The best way to see if they really exist or not is to pass the bill, and when they don't show up anywhere the validity of that argument will show itself. In fact so much of the right's health care rhetoric is taken up by references to future events that may or may not happen, fear stemming from promises that we're going towards death camps within a year if reform is passed, that we're stuck in a kind of holding pattern, circling over the airport waiting to land, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

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