Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It was eight years ago today that I established this website

Strange how time flies. Back then it was just over six months after September 11th, and the man child was doing his jingoistic thing in the White House. Now, democrats are back in power and, well, I don't know what. The point is lots of stuff has changed, lots of stuff, even though the pace of things sometimes feels glacial. Man, this has gotten off track. Let me start over. Back then I was young and idealistic and felt like I had the world in front of my. I had just turned twenty two. Now, I'm thirty and still idealistic but a little bit more worn down. I also find stuff is not as newsworthy as I used to. Used to be that I'd talk and talk about anything and everything, constantly, but now I scan websites, read article after article, think about the news, and more often than not conclude that not enough of it rises to the level that I'm looking for. Strange, maybe I should go back to writing about anything and everything, making manifestos, going back to root questions and trying to come up with new answers.

But, going into year eight I feel that there's still room for improvement and much reason to keep on going forward, no matter where it leads me.

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