Monday, March 22, 2010

Man, the things that people are attracted to

I look through my site statistics pretty often, and one of the pages that always gets lots and lots of hits is this one where I satirized the poster for "Kitt Kittridge, American Girl" by putting up for comparison a poster from the Bund of German Maidens, and some swastikas. It had zero to do with the film itself and everything to do with the advertising campaign, particularly and mostly the juxtaposition of this sort of blue eyed blond haired girl with the words "American Girl". Immature? Sure. I blame it fully on the Bush administration and take no responsibility for it whatsoever. Just kidding. It was purposely as over the top as you could get. Anyways, the poster for the Bund of German Maidens shows up again and again through image searches landing on my site done using Google. People keep searching for it, and people keep finding my page. I've learned through watching how I use image search that the folks who find images via Google rarely check out the page that the images are on, though. I personally just click the link that lets me view the image alone and dispense with the page altogether. So it's not like they're sticking around to see either the questionable humor on the page itself or the commentary and discussion on the other pages around it. Which, considering that they may be neo-nazis, might not be a completely bad thing.

The other big page that always gets hits is one where I posted a picture of Matisse' "Lady with a hat" after seeing it in person at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. That gets lots of hits that I'm sure don't translate out into more folks checking out the site itself.

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