Friday, March 12, 2010

Man, the whole having to finish a book before you can review it thing is getting to me

I'd like to write up "The Supermale" but I'm still not finished with it.
On the horizon after Supermale is Seraphita by Balzac, his metaphysical novel that has ideas from Swedenborg in it. I knew of Seraphita but it was the recommendation that August Strindberg gave it in "The Inferno" that really pushed me over the edge. I think it's in print but impossible to find outside of Amazon or Powells. Anyways, strange to see Strindberg recommend it. I guess that he came into white light religion later on, but directly before the Inferno period in his life he was very much into 19th century Satanism, along with Przybyszewski who I've also written about a lot here. Reportedly, they even organized small Black Masses in southern Norway for friends while they were there. Oh well, I guess you can't keep them all on the right side of the curtain.

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