Friday, March 26, 2010

More incidental observations.

That may or may not be valuable. I was sitting in a coffee shop here in Seattle, a not too exceptional occurrence, listening to the store's music and reading when an African-American man sit down across from me. He was the only one in the entire coffee shop. Coffee shops are pretty white in general. The music being played was all '70s funk and soul, and it came to me how much popular music is composed of songs written by black people for white people. Not just hip hop and rap but whole genres. Minorities seem to often be pushed into a place where their talents are recognized if they can serve the majority culture. Think not just of music but of sports. How I'd like to have gotten into the head of that guy to see if he had any opinions about being the actual type of person that the music was first intended for, listening to it in this particular setting.

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