Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Now back to our originally scheduled programming: an individualist anarchist inspired rant from "Homo Sapiens" by Przybyszewski

Specifically from part II, "By the way"

" "My opinions, convictions, views are of significance to me alone of course, not to any one else. TO myself I represent the whole world. Whether anybody agrees or disagrees with me is absolutely immaterial."
"Ha, ha! You seem to have an extremely high opinion of yourself."
"Of course. It's every man's duty to have a high opinion of himself. Listen. There is a certain man living in Dresden, Heinrich Pudor, who, while enjoying a good reputation is looked upon as a charlatan. He does happen to have a few eccentricities, also unusual force. A while ago he arranged an exhibition of his own pictures in Munich. They were ridiculous things of no values, but the catalogue, which he himself drew up, was interesting. 'I am I,' was in it. 'I am neither a painter nor a no-painter, and I have no other attributes than this one, that I am I.' That was well said. You are wrong, doctor, it's by no means professional vanity. Once I am a man, then I am also a secret, mysterious and extraordinary part of nature. Therefore I have the right to say, 'Look, here are my pictures. They may be absurd but they are mine. Once I have created them , and created them under the influence of an unconquerable inner urge, then they form a better image of myself than all my vices and virtues. This is the image of my individuality. Whoever is interested in it, let him go to my exhibition. This is I, and there is nothing in me of which I need be ashamed. "

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