Monday, March 01, 2010

Ok, leveling with people about this site.

Which is to say that truth in intent has always been something that's important in my writing. Basically, I don't know how much of a pure or even purish anarchist perspective I can provide these days because I've grown increasingly sympathetic to Progressivism that's somewhat statist in that it favors stuff like government intervention in the economy and general social democratic programs. I don't believe in the dictatorship of the proletariat, at least not in the sense that the Bolsheviks did, and am not crazy about the power of the State, even a social democratically tinged state to oppress people. I know my blog is listed in a few places, most prominently on anarcho blogs but also on Infoshop, and I'm happy to stay on there if people will allow it, but I'm probably going to post more stuff that's both more partisan, i.e. dealing with the Republicans or the continual failure of the Democrats, and more in favor of the Obama administration putting programs into practice.

I think the thing that really brought this to a breaking point is the extreme opposition of Republicans to any sort of mildly progressive change in Washington in the wake of the biggest crisis since the Great Depression.

So, there you go.

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