Monday, March 15, 2010

Palin Palin Palian Palin, uses "death panel" references when the existence of such would be impossible in the current bill.

So says Raw Story. I've got to hand it to these folks for being able to report on this with a straight face. The deal is that Palin's claiming that under the health care bill there'll be government ordered rationing that will kill the old first, because they have high health care bills. Raw Story points out that in the bill as it stands now there's no public option whatsoever. It's all private insurance companies administering modified plans that actually do things like guaranteeing people with expensive preexisting health problems coverage. I'm getting this all from the Raw Story article so bear with me. The point is that the government can't ration health care like that because it won't have any structure in place capable of doing so. Sure, there's regulations, but just pointing to general government regulations and saying that, in some invisible unknowable way, they're an indication of a government plan to kill the elderly is beyond what folks would normally term sane.

I see those government regulations, Glenn Beck style, against things like polluting the environment or preventing banks from crashing down, and I see Mao, Chairman Mao, staring back at me. And I see Hitler too with the Death Panels every time I find out more about the health care bill. Then I see Stitler, a Stalin/Hitler hybrid created to promote Soviet forced eugenics program designed to create the master worker race.
It's those combo Communist/Fascist/Nazi/Fruit Bat/Ding Bat/Mule Sack people you have to worry about.

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