Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So let's take a look at this idea that the Nazis and the Communists had this one idea in common: social justice

Which is what Glenn Beck asserted recently. It's a really strange argument to make, I mean really strange, because on the one hand you have the Nazis ranting about Jews oppressing the German people and on the other you have Communists talking about economic inequality in society. Those two don't seem to really have that much in common. That the Communists undermined their propaganda with their actual deeds doesn't change the fact that it's awfully strange to make conspiracy theories about Jews controlling Germany statements about social justice.

Incidentally, I think the reason why Beck compares Progressives to Nazis is because say what you will reference to Mao's crimes or to Stalin's doesn't have the same immediate pull in American society as that of the Holocaust. Americans know what evil was in the Holocaust. Mao probably has more resonance than Stalin, but still most people who would know it would know the Cultural Revolution rather than the Great Leap Forward, or at least I'm guessing that that's the case. In any event, the whole Nazi idea for people who like universal health care, like the majority of Canadians by the way, is odd.

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