Friday, March 12, 2010

Wow, Glenn Beck compares Obama to Mao because he wants to regulate banks owning hedge funds

And then launches into a five minute tirade about the dangers of concentrated government power, using both Mao and Ahmadinejad as examples, basing it on a 'push' and a shove. First he starts out with a vague reference to a head of regulation under the Obama administration who talks about giving incentives as a 'push' for implementing regulatory goals. The reference is vague because it doesn't say anything about the actual context in which this guy made his statement. But Beck takes it and runs with it, making hay of a headline of an article saying that 'push' has given way to shove, again not telling us anything about what the article actually said. Shoving gives way to Mao, to the Soviet constitution, to Beck using his hands to simulate a machine gun, to high and lofty thoughts about big government and the imperfection of man where insults to Rosie O'Donnell and to Islam co-exist with Jesus' purity.

Interestingly enough, Beck seems to have missed the boat on the Soviet Union here since while comparing the '36 constitution (good) to the '77 constitution (bad) he neglects to mention that in '36 people were starving to death because of the forceful implementation of collective farming, were being sent to prison and executed in huge amounts, and that freedom of any sort was practically non-existent. '36 was the year that the Great Purge and the Purge Trials started, where old Bolsheviks were tortured and either made to confess and executed or convicted anyways and executed. It was hardly a time of liberty and comparatively limited government. But, I suppose, Beck didn't get that memo, or didn't look at the Wikipedia article for Soviet history during that time.

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