Monday, May 17, 2010

30 Rock, Emmanuel goes to dinosaur land. So this is what passes for television these days

I haven't watched television for years, intentionally keeping myself away from the vapidness that inhabits the air waves, but, you know, after a while you start to question things. Maybe I was wrong about TV? Maybe TV has changed and things have gotten better? So now that shows are available on Hulu I decided to check out the hip new comedy written by Tina Fey starring Alec Baldwin, and what a reward I got. So Tina Fey is looking for a date for a wedding, and she looks up a former boyfriend to see if he wants to go, but the thing is that now the boyfriend has two pirate hooks for hands. I know, fucking pirate hooks, it's a laugh riot, especially with Fey being the corporate employee she is. I mean, what grade is she in? Seriously, if this is the best she can do she better quit while she's ahead, because this stuff is only funny if you compare it to the even more vapid shit that passes for programming on TV these days.

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