Saturday, May 22, 2010

Everybody draw muhammad day in Pakistan leads to banning Facebook and protests?

Everybody Draww Muhammad Day? There are limits to sensitivity. I can understand people's anger at the Danish right wing paper that specifically solicited cartoons of Muhammad to piss people off, but at some point people in the west shouldn't be held hostage to religious fanatics personal beliefs. South Park probably made the right choice for pragmatic reasons, i.e. the people involved not getting killed, for censoring their episode, but opposing this day, which is a spoof event on Facebook done largely by Americans in a place where making drawings doesn't put you in jail, is unreasonable. So draw Muhammad. I frankly don't care about Pakistani's feelings at this point. People shouldn't have to cringe at what folks halfway around the world think of what they're drawing or saying, and frankly Pakistan has nothing to do with the United States and should mind it's own business.

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