Saturday, May 08, 2010

A new project

Sorry for the absence. To say that lots and lots of things have been going on is an understatement. We've had significant personal tragedy here and lots of adjustment. Anyways, what I'm going to start working on personally in terms of armchair revolutionizing is reading Ernst Jünger's "The Storm of Steel" in order to have a better understanding of the background of Fascism. This is something that will most likely come in handy with the rise of the Tea Party associated politics that's happening. Storm of Steel is Jünger's account of his time as a German soldier in the First World War. Unlike narratives of war that we might be more familiar with, Jünger in this one reportedly praises war, praises death,  violence, on and on, with absolutely no consideration of pacifism or peace in general. The book became a rallying cry for discharged German servicemen who didn't want to accept that Germany had lost and who couldn't integrate themselves back into society. Jünger became the unofficial inspiration for the paramilitary "Steel Helmets" through the book, who did their share to become one of the sources that the Nazi party drew on when it formulated itself. Hitler named Storm of Steel as being one of his top favorite books, and profusely offered Jünger positions in government after he assumed power, which Jünger politely declined.

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Will said...

I would also recommend the book, "Ernst Junger and Germany: into the abyss, 1914-1945", by Thomas R. Nevin. I am currently reading it, and I think it is excellent. I would also suggest "The Glass Bees" written by Junger in 1957. It is quite amazing how he anticipated virtual realities, speaking as someone who has spent a lot of time in Second Life and investigating virtual worlds.