Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rand Paul lies and lies, in relationship to Obama and Chavez

Mr. Rand Paul, now the GOP's candidate in Kentucky, came out with what's probably the most dishonest statement about what the Copenhagen conference was about that I've ever seen. Quote

"We have a president who went to Copenhagen and appeared with Robert Mugabe, Hugo Ch├ívez and others, Evo Morales, to apologize for the Industrial Revolution. They say—these dictators, these petty dictators say—that to stop climate change, it’s about ending capitalism. They are explicit. And the President, by attending Copenhagen, gives credibility and credence to these folks, and he should not go."

From Democracy Now!

Guess who was also at Copenhagen? The heads of state of the UK, France, Germany, China, Russia. Copenhagen had an immensely comprehensive attendance. Are they all standing with Robert Mugabe? And where exactly did Obama come out against capitalism? Paul is implying that he did. Where did he apologize for the industrial revolution? Paul is not just implying but stating that Obama did this. Where is the record that Obama actually did any of this? Either facts exist or they don't, and Paul is just making things up at this point. He's also slandering most of the international community by mischaracterizing what the fundamental composition of the conference was.

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