Friday, May 14, 2010

"The Takeaway", offensiveness in action

I've been listening to local public radio station KBCS here in Seattle lately and have been delighted to find an NPR version of Bill O'Reilly or Glenn Beck in The Takeaway, a syndicated program out of New York. This is what happen when rich, prejudiced, WASPs, get a show where they can fly their true colors. It's not the liberalism that's the problem; frankly I question whether these people are really liberal or not. The problem is the bigotry and condescension that they put out there. For example, today in discussing Greece one of the host asked the question of why it is that while Greeks in the United States are renowned for being industrious that the Greek government seems to be lazy. One of the guests that they had on made the argument that Mediterranean countries, naming specifically the south of France, southern Italy, and Greece, are lazy because of the good climate. So I suppose that northern climates make people more industrious, like Germany and Scandinavia.

I'm sort of speechless. The fact that this is accepted as liberal commentary is sort of beyond me.

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