Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And quite frankly I'm glad that Communists are giving workshops and talks at the US Social Forum

Because they make up the fabric of the progressive and left culture of the United States too. It's not just anarchists. Communists, social democrats, general socialists, unions who aren't anarcho-syndicalist, and community groups who are basically anti-capitalist but who don't have a particular ideology, along with others, are just as much a part of movements for change here as folks who identify themselves as anarchists, sometimes more so in fact. The practice of anarchists shouting down all people who are non-anarchists not on the principle of what they're doing but on the principle of their ideology being different is a bad precedent that's obviously been broken at the Social Forum. Folks should not feel that just because they're anarchists, and anarchists are supposedly free from all oppressive features and oppressive baggage, that they're therefore morally right in all matters.

*on edit: and they're more powerful than you think. The traditional notion of Marxism as relates to anarchists as being mostly embodied by campus Trotskyist groups doesn't reflect the reality of the situation in the United States, neither does the existence of the RCP as the most visible self declared Communist group define that reality either.

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