Wednesday, June 02, 2010

And Turkey in relation to Gaza, Israel and the United States

I can't help but think that one of the reasons the mainstream media in the United States isn't taking what happened seriously is because the people killed were Turks and, as non-Europeans, have less value in the eyes of white Americans as a whole, whether they acknowledge this or not. Turkish lives are worth less than American lives, it seems, and the emphasis on the activists who were arrested and detained who were Turkish, as Turks instead of as activists, confirms this. If it had been Irish people, people like those who are currently sailing on the MV Rachel Corrie towards Gaza, who had been killed there would surely have been more outrage.

***take for example This CNN article. The focus right off the bat is Turkey and Turkish members of the flotilla, and the Turkish government's response to the shootings, not on the flotilla itself and what it was doing. This frames the whole thing as involving a non-European power first and foremost, as opposed to involving a mission motivated by humanitarian sentiments. Likewise, the emphasis on Nicaragua, the small Central American nation, cutting ties with Israel in the first paragraphs, to the exclusion of the many condemnations that have been issued by governments like Ireland trivializes the world's response to the shootings by making it seem like only insignificant nations really care about it. 

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